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Adding some stylish new high end designer furniture to your home is probably the best way achieve that look of effortless sophistication. We all want our homes to look and feel comfortable and fashionable and a selection of the finest handcrafted furniture is the way to go. Your furnishings and décor should be a reflection of your personality and taste; you should feel as though your home is an extension of yourself. Randolph & Hein Designer Furniture in Los Angeles has an impressive collection of fine handcrafted furniture, accessories and lighting fixtures that can transform any home into a stylish haven of flair and elegance. This company is dedicated to providing customers with the finest Urban, Traditional and contemporary custom furniture – so no matter which theme you are going for, this is the place you will find all the furniture and décor pieces that you need.

About Randolph & Hein Designer Furniture Store Los Angeles

Since 1971, Randolph & Hein has been utilizing old world craftsmanship and a love for their work in order to create beautiful high end designer furniture in Los Angeles. From its humble beginnings in designing antique reproduction furniture, it has now evolved into one of the best producers of classic, contemporary and custom living room furniture.

Only the finest materials are used in the construction of Randolph & Hein’s handcrafted furniture. These materials and a strong commitment to quality craftsmanship ensure that your contemporary custom furniture will exceed all expectations. Finally, you will own furniture that you can truly be proud of. Any Randolph & Hein piece will truly enhance your lifestyle.

Randolph & Hein has branches in the following areas around the United States:

  • Los Angeles
  • New York
  • Dallas
  • Houston
  • Dania
  • Chicago
  • Boston
  • Atlanta
  • San Francisco
  • Washington D.C.

So no matter where you are situated, you’ll be able to order your own custom living room furniture from the experts who have created an incredible line of timeless furnishings for the 21st century.

Simply browse through the galleries to have a look at the gorgeous masterpieces of handmade furniture on offer; there will definitely be something for you to fall in love with. If you don’t manage to find exactly what you are looking for, you can work together with our team of excellent furniture designers in Los Angeles to come up with handcrafted furniture that will add a bit of flair to your home.


If you are interested in ordering your own high end designer furniture or have a query regarding Randolph & Hein’s fine handcrafted furniture, simply send an email to

Alternatively, you can check out the list of branch contact details that are available on the website.

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